Quick Answers For Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is it important to have a maintenance plan?

Regular updates and backups are an integral part of maintaining your website. Newer versions of WordPress offer more features and bug fixes, as well as security and performance improvements, so updating patches the vulnerability present in older versions. Updating to the latest version of WordPress also helps prevents hackers from inserting malicious code through outdated plugins. Backups are also key, in case your hosting provider fails in some regard, or if your website does become compromised.

I thought that the beauty of wordpress was that i can perform the updates myself?

Yep, that’s definitely true. You can certainly run these updates yourself, however WordPress updates can sometimes cause errors or conflict with other plugins you may be using. These conflicts can break the way your site functions or displays, which will negatively impact your user experience. it’s worth having a professional developer (that’s us!) manage this for you, so you can take care your business hassle free.

Do you provide multi-site WordPress support?

No we do not support WordPress multi-site websites under these WordPress maintenance plans.

What if an update breaks the website?

If an update to your WordPress website causes issues, we will roll back the update, fix them on our test servers and then make the change on your live website. In some cases, the WordPress plugin or theme might be unsupported by the developer, so we may not be able to provide a fix. In such cases we will suggest alternative solutions.

Do I have to have a contract?

You do not need a contract. We do not hold anyone hostage to keeping the service. We would rather provide value and remove your website worries to justify the cost.

What information do you need from me?

In order to get started we will need your website admin and FTP/SFTP login details. You can either send us your existing logins or create a new user for us to access the website.

How long does a task take to complete?

We complete most tasks on the same business day and no more that 24 hours of beginning the task. We are still contactable over weekends but unless the task is very urgent we will complete by the start of next business day.

I have an urgent task. Can this be resolved on Sunday?

Generally tasks are completed between Monday to Saturday. However we consistently monitor incoming tasks so if there’s an urgent issue we will be there to help.

How can I cancel my WordPress maintenance plan?

We don’t want to lose our prominent client but you can cancel at anytime. Just let us know about your cancellation decision via chat or Email. We will stop the services at the end of the current month. It’s that simple!

Do you offer bulk pricing for multiple websites?

A discount is available for multiple websites. Get in touch with us through the phone, WhatsApp, contact form or send us an email with the details.

What if my website gets hacked?

When your website gets hacked, we get in touch with our hosting and security partners for identifying malicious files. Since we securely backup your website every day on an off-site server, your data will never be lost. Our basic security measures for all clients include configuring a free WordPress security plugin, ongoing recommendations and advice on security best practices to keep your site safe.

Can I change my plan after signup?

Yes, after you’ve completed one month. If you’re upgrading, you will need to pay the amount to confirm your new subscription. If you downgrade your plan, the difference amount will be adjusted in the next billing cycle.

Do you partner with agencies?

Yes, we love to work with agencies and take the burden of their team. Being owned by an agency ourselves, we understand the need for efficiency. We take care of the support while you provide the creative consultancy to your customers.

Do you outsource work?

No, nada, zilch. All our core services are planned and executed in-house.

Relax Knowing Your WordPress Site Is Secure & Running Smoothly

Let us manage your WordPress site, everything from security to updates will be taken care of. Support plans also come with dedicated support so we can do anything from adding content to customising your site for you.

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